Danchie was asked by Anta to design a gamified pop-up store that was easy to set up and reuse. The creative direction had to be based on the client’s Flashfoam technology for cushioned running shoes.

With limited available space for the pop-up store, our challenge was to devise original concepts for games that could generate brand awareness.

Our first game consisted of a synchronized tap dance based on the concept of bounce and rebound, with correct movements causing LEDs to spiral and reach the top of a curved screen.

This was a fun and interactive experience that served to showcase the engineering of the shoes.

For the customers who were less interested in dynamic sports, we conceptualized an activity for an interactive screen in which a virtual brush was provided for painting and personalizing shoe boxes.

Both games were branded according to the campaign requirements.



Using the concept of the Sea we developed a brand for childcare that is both friendly and with attitude. Fritzchen was conceived for parents and kids.



Jenny Yang

The client was interested to see how they could update their image and develop a set of products for an extension of their brand.


Showcase Design

NZ Central Space

The client wanted the exhibition to follow its brand guidelines and asked us to think carefully how the space would be divided in different areas with different products.